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How much do you know about food and beverages?

Question 1
Which company is the maker of Emeril Lagasse's line of kitchen knives?
Question 2
Where is the Celestial Seasonings headquarters located?
Question 3
What kind of grapes produce the world's best wines?
Question 4
How much does a lobster increase in size while molting?
Question 5
Where do potatoes grow?
Question 6
As of 2013, what South American country produces the most wine?
Question 7
Where was Prince's pasta originally sold?
Question 8
The "Iron Chef America" TV shows are modeled after "Iron Chef" shows originating in what country?
Question 9
A West Virginia farmhand developed the Golden Delicious in 1912. What is it?
Question 10
What is done to dough in the bread-making process to add volume and texture?
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