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How much do you know about food and beverages?

Question 1
What long time pizza chain has the program "Book It" which offers free pizzas to encourage kids to read?
Question 2
According to Professor JT Stinson's widely quoted presentation at the 1904 World?s Fair in St Louis, one of what fruit every day keeps the doctor away?
Question 3
Ketchup is a sauce traditionally with a base of what ingredient?
Question 4
A dried Zante Black Corinth grape is known as a what?
Question 5
Up until the Middle Ages, which popular vegetable was always purple in colour?
Question 6
What is the Hawaiian name for yellow fin tuna?
Question 7
After culinary school, Bobby Flay worked with restaurateur Jonathan Waxman at what restaurant?
Question 8
Created in 1863, what is credited as being the first breakfast cereal?
Question 9
In 1770, who became the first American to write about tofu, when he sent a friend some soybeans?
Question 10
Kapu meant women couldn't eat with men, and certain foods (pork, most bananas, coconuts, taro) were off limits to women altogether, since they represented the bodies of the gods. Where was this?
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