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How much do you know about food and beverages?

Question 1
Which of these is a small cake designed to serve one person?
Question 2
Adding rennet and bacterial starter to milk makes an unripened cheese called what?
Question 3
Fish known as "smokies" are associated with which Scottish town?
Question 4
What is done to dough in the bread-making process to add volume and texture?
Question 5
What product's processing method was used on potatoes to produce "Pringles"?
Question 6
What is the world's second most consumed drink?
Question 7
The Chinese developed their tea ceremony thanks to Lu Yu, a Taoist priest who wrote The Classic of Tea during what appropriately "fluid" dynasty?
Question 8
In what year was Sunny Delight marketed throughout the UK?
Question 9
Cooking at Gas Mark 3 is equivalent to what temperature in Celsius?
Question 10
Where is the Gala apple from?
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