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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
Hey There Delilah was a major hit for which color Ts?
Question 2
Finish this line of Duffy lyrics: "You got me begging you for mercy - why won't you ___________". 
Question 3
Which Blondie song was highlighted in the movie American Gigolo with Richard Gere?
Question 4
What song has the line, "Need your lovin' all the time, need you huggin', please be mine"?
Question 5
After being in a coma for three weeks battling pneumonia in 2012, what singer from North London woke up with a West Country accent?
Question 6
Who directed the 1967 Bob Dylan documentary film 'Don't Look Back'?
Question 7
What song has the line, "Well you can spare a kiss or two and Still have plenty left, no no"?
Question 8
In what year did Drake win 'Man of the Year' at the GQ Awards?
Question 9
Which band's songs include 'Surfer Joe' and 'Point Panic'?
Question 10
Name the 2020 dance song by Mike Williams.
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