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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
What was the title of Elvis Presley's first album?
Question 2
Which is the name of the group featuring 50 Cent?
Question 3
Lungs is a BRIT Award Best Album winner by which act?
Question 4
Which of these 'Glee' stars appeared on 2010's 'Top 20 Under 25' alongside Drake?
Question 5
Who recorded the hit single "Another Night" in 1994?
Question 6
Which band released the album "Aqualung"?
Question 7
Weird Al Yankovic's Lady Gaga parody appeared on what album?
Question 8
What member of the Who actually did die before he got old, overdosing on the Clomethiazole he was taking to deal with his alcoholism?
Question 9
The album, Ready to Die , was released by which hip hop group or artist?
Question 10
Open Your Heart' and 'Live To Tell' are songs on which Madonna album?
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