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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
In 1955, who took the religious song "I Got Religion" and turned it into the lusty R&B classic "I've Got A Woman"?
Question 2
What is Aretha Franklin's middle name?
Question 3
Who is the person that 50 Cent had a problem with?
Question 4
In a Dexy's Midnight Runners song title, what is Eileen being asked to do?
Question 5
What composer of the theme to The Cosby Show also wrote an ironic ode to the Reagan era called "Don't Worry, Be Happy"?
Question 6
What song has the line, "If you make me move, then you know you got the groove"?
Question 7
What band did a song called 'Salt of the Earth'?
Question 8
Which group recorded the classic song 'Sympathy for the Devil'?
Question 9
Which of these 1968 hit singles was written by Bob Dylan?
Question 10
Mott The Hoople had a hit song 'All the Young Dudes' in 1972, Who wrote it?
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