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What Indian weapon is also the name of a cruise missile and the Curtiss P-40 fighter aircraft?
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What are solid particles that produce color by absorbing or reflecting light called?
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What gem is a girl's best friend, especially if she is born in April?
Question 4 of 10
A buccula is a fold of fatty tissue that appears to "double" what body part?
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Because an owl can't move this from side to side, it has to move its head. What is this immobile body part?
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The African kind has large ears and a flat forehead; the Asian kind has small ears and a convex forehead. What is it?
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At the end of the mouth is the pharynx, a traffic cop that directs air down the trachea and food down the esophagus. What flap shuts the trachea when you eat?
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What sort of creatures were diplodocus and iguanodon?
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If you reach escape velocity, what are you escaping from?
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Named for James Clerk Maxwell, the mountain Maxwell Montes is called "the only man on" what astronomical body, whose features are mostly named for women?

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