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Celiac disease is marked by an inability to digest what starchy protein?
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Who was Anne Frank?
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William Shatner and Pete Townshend both have tinnitus. What is another name for tinnitus?
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Golda Meir was Prime Minister of which Middle Eastern country?
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Who sued the British tabloid "Express" for claiming that he hid his homosexuality by marrying Nicole Kidman?
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Where is Hawaii located?
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What Indonesian island shares its name with the world's largest lizard?
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What series of movies by Francis Ford Coppola were a popular fad in the 70's?
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In June 1948, the allies began flying tons of vittles (and other supplies) to what city, as part of Operation Vittles?
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What legendary Order became so powerful that King Philip IV of France had most of its members executed around 1310?

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