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In 1945, the five US TBF Avemgers in Flight 19 were lost, setting off a hysteria because it occurred in what geometrically named bit of geography?
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Celiac disease is marked by an inability to digest what starchy protein?
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Ikea Monkey was a rhesus monkey in a coat who got loose in a parking lot in North York in what Canadian city?
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Holland is not actually a country, but is instead the name of two of the 12 provinces in what country?
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The furthest point in the world from any ocean is Urumqi, 1,645 miles inland in what country's Xinjiang region?
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We Will Rock You was a science fiction musical based on the songs of what rock band?
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Despite his downtown name, Keith Urban became a star in what musical genre?
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What St Louis landmark was designed by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen and structural engineer Hannskarl Bandel?
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Lawrence of Arabia whupped the Turks, but which man who played him on screen lost all eight of his Oscar nominations?
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Atlantic City became a major resort because it was the eastern terminus of the Camden and Atlantic Railroad. And it got bigger in 1978, when what state legalized gambling there?

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