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Extremely Hard Science Quiz Even Einstein would scratch his head!

Question 1
Approximately how many shipwrecks lie on the bottom of the world's oceans?
Question 2
How many electrons does carbon have in its outer shell?
Question 3
What do chromosomes carry?
Question 4
What is the average life expectancy in years of a carp?
Question 5
What comet broke into fragments before crashing into Jupiter in the 1990's?
Question 6
When the answer to life, the universe and everything turns out to be 42, another computer calculates that the question is 6x9, which actually does equal 42 in what system?
Question 7
In which year was the satellite Galileo launched?
Question 8
What type of cloud is fog?
Question 9
Which of these is an example of a transverse wave?
Question 10
Yogurt is produced by bacterial fermentation of what?
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