Food & Beverages Quiz
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What name is shared, more or less, by a brand of footwear associated with basset hounds and by cornbread balls served in the US South?
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Which nationality does Caldo de Queso belong to?
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What food is immortalized by the poem about its musical prowess and its ability to make you toot?
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Asians consider it the fifth taste. Many North Americans say that it gives them Chinese Restaurant Syndrome. What is this chemical?
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Miso and shoyu are made from this. So is tofu. What is it?
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In Britain, what would you be served if you asked for bangers and mash?
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What Chinese food is believed to have been created by a Japanese American landscape designer, Makoto Hagiwara, as a way to deliver thank-you notes at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco?
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What is the most expensive form of caviar?
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If, instead of simply sitting on her big fat tuffet, Little Miss Muffet decided to make something with her curds and whey, what would she be most likely to whip up?
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Kaiseki is the haute-culture skill set used to serve formal multi-course dinners, originally vegetarian, in what country?

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