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The Kievan Rus were overwhelmed by the Golden Horde, which included what Turkic people, who share their name with both a sauce that's tasty on fish, as well as with the hard stuff that builds up on your teeth, if you don't brush afterward. What is it?
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Which country's parliament removed Viktor Yanukovych as President in 2014?
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Which of these was a kind of balloon invented in 1783?
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Which Egyptian city was founded by Alexander the Great after his conquest of the kingdom?
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What multi-millionaire owned one of the world's largest independent fleet of ships?
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In which town was King Arthur based?
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People in the Maasai tribe of Kenya always wear what vivid color?
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Who died in a Rover P6 3500 that plunged down a ravine off a curvy dangerous road on September 13, 1982?
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What company did John Stuart Mill work for more than 30 years?
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River Phoenix, who passed away in 1993, was the actor brother of whom?

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