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Literature Quiz

Question 1
What is the name of the peregrine falcon in "My Side of the Mountain"?
Question 2
In "Dragon Rider", who is Firedrake trying to help?
Question 3
Which of these words means needless repetition or redundancy?
Question 4
Born in Salem, Massachusetts, the ancestors of what author of "The Scarlet Letter" persecuted witches there?
Question 5
In Anne Rice's "Ramses the Damned", how does Samir realize that Ramsey is really Ramses?
Question 6
The health of what character in "The Secret Garden" improves as the garden grows?
Question 7
Who wrote the cult novel "Fight Club"?
Question 8
What peripheral character did Stephen King play in "The Stand"?
Question 9
Who created the Rabbit series of novels?
Question 10
In "The Great Gatsby", who do Nick and Jordan surprise in Gatsby's library?
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