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Literature Quiz

Question 1
In the book "Lisey's Story", written by Stephen King, what was Scott Landon's profession?
Question 2
How was Rita Skeeter able to get inside information in the fourth "Harry Potter" book?
Question 3
From which Dr Seuss book is Schanck & Skipper Zipp a character?
Question 4
What 2007 fiction bestseller by Khaled Hosseini is about a family in Afghanistan?
Question 5
Which author wrote the best-selling young adult science fiction series "The Hunger Games" trilogy?
Question 6
Who wrote 'The Mists of Avalon'?
Question 7
What is the most common foot (poetic unit) in English poetry?
Question 8
Who wrote the 1962 book "The Golden Notebook"?
Question 9
When should whom be used in a sentence?
Question 10
What former adult media star was in Stephen King's 1993 miniseries about a town possessed by aliens?
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