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Literature Quiz

Question 1
Which English author was born in 1930 in China?
Question 2
In the Dr. Seuss story, what did the Grinch try to steal?
Question 3
Which actor's autobiography of 1978 was entitled 'Dear Me'?
Question 4
Tracy Chevalier wrote which novel about Dutch artist Vermeer?
Question 5
Which of these fiction genres features fantastic plots and magical creatures?
Question 6
How many Bronte sisters were there?
Question 7
Which of these wrote the book 'Through My Eyes'?
Question 8
Philip Roth wrote a satire of which US President?
Question 9
Dick Swiveller and Nell Trent appear in which of Charles Dickens' novels?
Question 10
The book 'Dazzler: The Autobiography' is by which English cricketer?
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