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Do you remember the 50s?

Question 1
Which country won the inaugural world Curling championships, held in Scotland in 1959?
Question 2
How old was golfer Jack Nicklaus when he won the US Amateur golf in 1959?
Question 3
How many matches in total were played at the 1954 FIFA World Cup?
Question 4
First demonstrated in 1956, 2" Quadruplex was an early form of what?
Question 5
Dow, one of the biggest worldwide employers in the 50s, operates in which market sector?
Question 6
Which 1950s food staple brand was canned cooked pork?
Question 7
Tove Jansson created which popular TV character?
Question 8
The 1954 FIFA World Cup held in which country was the first to be televised?
Question 9
The government of which country announced plans to make intercontinental nuclear missiles in 1955?
Question 10
The first World Championship for Drivers was won by Italian Giuseppe Farina in which make of car?
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