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Do you remember the 50s?

Question 1
Which team win the German football championships in both 1956 and 1957?
Question 2
Who did Marilyn Monroe sing "happy birthday" to on his 45th birthday?
Question 3
What was the first name of Dixon of Dock Green?
Question 4
Which 50s star was born Yuliy Borisovich Briner in 1920?
Question 5
Televised in several countries in the 1950s, the Moomins were created in which country?
Question 6
What was the first name of comedian Mr Hope, who had a popular TV show in the 50s?
Question 7
Which car safety feature was invented in 1952, but wasn't commercialised until the late 60s?
Question 8
The first Eurovision song contest was held in which country, and won by the host nation?
Question 9
Real Madrid won the first how many European cups?
Question 10
Who played opposite Marilyn Monroe in 1957 comedy The Prince and the Showgirl?
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