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Do you remember the 50s?

Question 1
Successful 1950s Italian side Juventus play their home games in which city?
Question 2
Which fruit follows "Wild" in the title of a 1957 movie written and directed by Ingmar Bergman?
Question 3
Russian painter Nikolai M Pozdneev's most famous work shows a day at which time of year?
Question 4
Who reached number 1 in 1958 with the light-hearted ditty The Purple People Eater?
Question 5
In 1951, Chinese troops occupied Lhasa, the capital of which country?
Question 6
In what year did the Isley Brothers released the pop track Shout?
Question 7
Which state was the setting for TV's Deputy Dawg?
Question 8
Who sung the jazz ballad They Can't Take That Away From Me?
Question 9
Which 50s toy was marketed as a Teen-Age Fashion Model?
Question 10
Which type of work was 1950s artist Henry Moore most famous for?
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