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Do you remember these old cities?

Question 1
What was the previous, anglicised name of Guangzhou in China?
Question 2
Cape Towbwas founded in 1652 as a trading point by which nation?
Question 3
Which is the oldest city in Australia?
Question 4
As a joke, the town of Topeka in Kansas changed its name to which internet giant in 2010?
Question 5
Oxford University was founded in which century?
Question 6
In 2005, the Dutch city of Nijmegen celebrated how many years of existence?
Question 7
The Palatine Hill is the oldest inhabited part of which city?
Question 8
Medieval pilgrims walked to which city in northwest Spain?
Question 9
In 800 AD, which southern Spanish city was the largest in Europe?
Question 10
Which English city is noted for its extensive walls?
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