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General knowledge quiz

Question 1
4197+2802+1407 equals what number?
Question 2
What type of car is Doc Hudson in the movie Cars?
Question 3
Who sang the famous song New Blood (1998)?
Question 4
4269+2850+1431 equals what number?
Question 5
What part of the body does a turtle use to breathe?
Question 6
What is a Menorah?
Question 7
Which king is supposed to have hidden in a tree after the Battle of Worcester?
Question 8
I'm a rocker from New Jersey who made "Born in the U.S.A." and is known as "The Boss". Who am I?
Question 9
In cookery, what is a 'quenelle'?
Question 10
3723+2486+1249 equals what number?
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