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Math Quiz

Question 1
In base 10, what is the log of 1000?
Question 2
4149+2770+1391 equals what number?
Question 3
Pythagoras' theorem only works on which type of triangles?
Question 4
Which of these objects can be described as a circle on the end of a rectangle?
Question 5
What is 0.99 as a percentage?
Question 6
If you earn $3 in 8 minutes, how much will you earn in 3 hours?
Question 7
How old was Stanley Mathews when he played his last league game for Stoke City in 1965?
Question 8
If you eat 32 sweets from a tub that contains 333 how many sweets do you have left?
Question 9
What is 86% in decimal form?
Question 10
Which of these fractions is equivalent to 6/7?
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