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Extremely Hard History Quiz, most people score only 3 out of 10.

Question 1
After Russia shot down an American U-2 spy plane in 1960, in what European city did the leaders meet to have a peace summit?
Question 2
In January 1959, the European Court of Human Rights was established in which French city?
Question 3
Which country was Hu Yaobang the leader of during the '80s?
Question 4
During the Roman occupation of Britain two defensive walls were built. Hadrians Wall was one, what was the other?
Question 5
What religion was Henrietta Maria, the wife of Charles I?
Question 6
Which film studio in the UK was officialy opened on 30th September 1936?
Question 7
Where did the ancient Greek mathematician study for 23 years?
Question 8
What is true about the majority of Englishmen in 1000 A.D.?
Question 9
In 1961, the inhabitants of which remote island were temporarily evacuated to the UK following a volcanic eruption?
Question 10
In 1997, who became UK prime minister?
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