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Extremely Hard History Quiz, most people score only 3 out of 10.

Question 1
At 33, who became the oldest female tennis major winner when she defeated GarbiƱe Muguruza in 2015?
Question 2
The Battle of Bull Run was won by who?
Question 3
In what year was the TV channel MTV launched?
Question 4
The Battles of Lexington and Concord took placein what year?
Question 5
Retreat of the Continental Army from New York in 1776 was an introduction into the battle of what?
Question 6
In 1976 and LA secretary named Jannene Swift officially married what in a ceremony witnessed by more than 20 people?
Question 7
Which president is featured on the back of the one dollar bill?
Question 8
Which of the following presidents was married to Jackie Onasis?
Question 9
In which city was President John F Kennedy assassinated in 1963?
Question 10
Which of the following is true about the United States in the period between the end of the Civil War in 1865 and the beginning of the 20th century?
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