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Extremely Hard History Quiz, most people score only 3 out of 10.

Question 1
The third President of the USA, Thomas Jefferson, was elected in______.
Question 2
Which harbor did Japan attack and thus involved the USA in the World War II?
Question 3
In what year did Pontiac's War end?
Question 4
The first English colony in North America was establishedin what year?
Question 5
What augmented reality game for smartphones was a huge hit when launched in 2016?
Question 6
Who starred in 2015 hit movie "Jurassic World"?
Question 7
The first time a woman flew across the Atlantic was in 1928, when she was a passenger on the plane. Later, in 1932, she did it again, this time she was the pilot.
Question 8
The remains of king Richard III, who died in 1485, were reburied in which city after being discovered under a car park?
Question 9
Which general defeated the French in Canada?
Question 10
In what year of the Mexican-American War did the 'Battle of Natividad' take place?
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