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Extremely Hard History Quiz, most people score only 3 out of 10.

Question 1
1327 and the murder of King Edward II was big news, but what was alarming about the murder was that his wife was chiefly responsible. What was her name?
Question 2
On what day of the week did the Second World War begin?
Question 3
Which is the correct title of the most famous work by Bertrand Russell?
Question 4
In what year did Stephen Harper become the Canadian prime minister?
Question 5
In the middle ages pregnant women avoided what fruit because they were afraid it would give their children birth marks?
Question 6
Who directly succeeded King Edward VI as Monarch of England?
Question 7
Which of these is the name of leg armour used in ancient Greece?
Question 8
What was the first name of actor Dean, who died in a car crash in September 1955?
Question 9
Who became the 11th President of the USA in 1845?
Question 10
Achiel van Acker formed a new government in which country in 1954?
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