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Extremely Hard History Quiz, most people score only 3 out of 10.

Question 1
Manuel Quezon ran this country in exile during WWII, and in return, the country's capital from 1948-76 was a city named for him. What country?
Question 2
The United States released a new bill to the value of how much?
Question 3
You You Tu won a Noble prize in October 2015 for work to fight which disease?
Question 4
In what year did Fidel Castro ban transactions in U.S. Dollars within Cuba?
Question 5
Who became UK prime minister in 1997?
Question 6
What did Coca-Cola change its formula and release in 1985?
Question 7
In which year did Henry Ford build his first four-wheeled car?
Question 8
What disastrous event took place at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania on 28 March 1979?
Question 9
In which month did the Peninsular War, 1809 'Battle of Talavera' take place?
Question 10
The Libyan dynasties were supplanted by a dynasty of Nubian origin. Who were the kings of this people descended from?
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