Food & Beverage Quiz
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Which hot green paste, often served with sushi and sashimi, is called "Japanese Horseradish"?
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These cocktails are trading tales of their sexual exploits at a bar. Which one turns out to be a virgin?
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Minestrone is included in which cuisine?
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What "peach of the tropics" is used in chutney?
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What is the name of the traditional Spanish rice dish cooked in a large pan?
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Which stovetop cooking method is most suitable for fragile foods, including eggs and fish?
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What colorful cheese is often used to crumble over salads?
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The acai berry comes from what area located in Brazil?
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Carlos Orozco may have invented this at Hussong's Cantina in Ensenada, Mexico, naming it for the German ambassador's daughter who first tasted it. Or maybe it was invented at the Rancho La Gloria Hotel, halfway between Tijuana and Rosarito, by Danny Herrera, for a former Ziegfeld dancer named Marjorie King, who was allergic to all alcohol but tequila. Or maybe it was invented by Santos Cruz at the Balinese Room in Galveston, Texas, and named for Peggy Lee. What is it?
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What type of meat would you use for Irish stew?

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