General Knowledge Questions
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Pardon me, boy, but what famous train left Pennsylvania Station from Track 29, at 'bout a quarter to four?
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Which day was a hit for the Mamas and Papas?
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What is the purpose of "Ronald McDonald House", the McDonald's charity?
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If you win 10,000 and pay 25% in taxes, how much do you take home?
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What U.S. governmental agency, founded in 1970, deals with pollution?
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Used for echolocation, what animal's creepy squeaking would be deafeningly loud, except that it is mostly so high-pitched we can't hear it?
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Iraq invaded which country in August 1990?
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What is torsion?
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If a $15 shirt is on sale for 30% off, how much will it cost?
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Which word is spelled wrong?

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