Mixed Trivia Quiz
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Cirrhosis is a disease affecting which organ?
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Another term for rubella is which type of measles?
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In April 1961, a CIA-trained force of about 1,500 Cuban exiles landed at the Bahia de Cochinos. What does Bahia de Cochinos mean in English?
Question 4 of 10
Bacteria resistant to antbiotics are also known as what?
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The world's most common fox species has spread rapidly since it was introduced to Australia in the 1800s. What is it?
Question 6 of 10
Who gave Spain claim to Florida by exploring St. Augustine?
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Which county used the escudo before it adopted the euro?
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A bill of a hat is also known by what name?
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Which is an animal mostly found in jungles?
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Jean Arp's 1957 work Evocation of a Form: Human, Lunar, Spectral was cast in which metal?