10 General Knowledge Questions
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What snack is commonly eaten after a Chinese dinner?
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In "The Nightmare Before Christmas", who did Jack Skellington kidnap and attempt to take the place of?
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The medical term "myocardial infarction" is best defined as?
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Which force opposes motion between two objects?
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Who was a British nurse celebrated for saving the lives of soldiers from both sides during World War I?
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What type of collection can be found at the Greenwich Fan Museum, which is the only one of its kind?
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What "supernatural" Mexican-born guitarist adopted the name Devadip, after becoming a follower of Guru Sri Chinmoy?
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In which city was INXS singer Michael Hutchence found dead in a hotel room?
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Which medical device was invented in 1816 by René Laennec?
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Who sang the famous song "Last Christmas" (1984) ?