Food & Beverages quiz. We dare you!
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People in what country started eating rat sour soup, fried rat, curried rat and grilled rat once the rodents returned en masse to the Mekong Delta?
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Armoracia lapathifolia is poisonous to horses, ironically, although it's tasty with roast beef for humans. What is it?
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According to personal chef Gerhardt Shtammer, whose favorite dessert was either a strudel or an eclair decorated with swastikas?
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Julia Davis Chandler is thought to be the first to add jelly to what sandwich, once only served in New York City's finest tearooms?
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A blondie is just like a brownie, except that it is made without which ingredient?
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In 1932, poet Hart Crane died when he jumped off the stern of the liner Orizaba while it was in the Caribbean Sea. He drowned. Ironically, what candy did his father Clarence create in 1912?
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What food was covered in chocolate and introduced at the Minnesota State Fair as pig lickers?
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What chain's Canadian outlets offered a limited-quantity perfume that promised to make you smell like "freshly baked, hand-tossed pizza dough"?
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Fire? Who needs fire? Take raw hamburger, maybe a raw egg, and you can prepare what dish, named for horsemen with no time to cook?
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Which flower yields the spice saffron?

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