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This planet's famous rings are made of ice-covered rock and dust, less than 200 km thick, but more than 270,000 km wide. And its inner moons are close enough to the rings to twist, braid and sweep them with their gravity. What planet is this?
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In AD 919, the Chinese used this to make "fire lances." A German monk, Berthold Schwarz, may have been the first to bring this to Europe, in the early 1300s. What is it?
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Sixty million years ago, a snake called Titanoboa cerrejonesis ate crocodiles whole. At 45 feet long, it was as long as what object?
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What citrus juice interferes with dozens of medications, because they are broken down by enzymes in the juice?
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The 1987 Lincoln Town Car is often called the first car to have what audio component?
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Movies are letterboxed because old style TV screens are what?
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What device used thermal paper, which curled, blackened when you scratched it, had text that vanished over time and had poor resolution as ink spread into the paper?
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The president of a postcard company happened to notice William Gruber at the Oregon Caves National Monument, where he was testing his new invention by taping two cameras together as a way to recreate the stereoscope. What did this become?
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What animal's pit can detect a change in temperature of as little as one five-hundredth of a degree, which makes it a kind of ophidian infrared?
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What is the most abundant element in the known universe?

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