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What kind of pad do you slap rubber stamps onto before pressing them onto paper?
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What is the specific term used to describe 'the movement of cash in and out of a business'?
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What country's official name is Prathet Thai, meaning Land of the Free?
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What did the Romans use aqueducts for?
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Who set a record when he was paid $20 million to be in The Cable Guy, which ended up underperforming at the box office?
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What hard igneous rock is made from quartz, mica and feldspar?
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Who sang the famous song "Ashes To Ashes" (1980) ?
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What TV star had a hit with "Don't Give Up on Us" during his Starsky and Hutch days?
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In what Hitchcock "directional" movie would you find a crop duster chasing Cary Grant?
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Tiramisu is flavoured with what drink?