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Before the introduction of the Euro, what was France's currency?
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Although its name is derived from the Portuguese for "quince jam," what Spanish fruit is usually used to make marmalade?
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Popular lore notwithstanding, what breed of rescue dog never actually carried casks of brandy from its collar?
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Michael Kalish used 1300 punching bags to create a sculpture of what athlete in Los Angeles?
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Known to Aztecs as "turtle rabbits," what are the only living mammals that have shells?
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If Jack Sparrow really wanted to get himself a black pearl, he'd head for what French possession, once known as Otaheite?
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What is the missing word: .... comes but once a year
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Napoleon Dynamite's favorite animal is the liger, which he seems to have confused with the manticore. What is a liger?
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Who was the author of "Treasure Island"?
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Whose ruined structures include Tikal in what is now Guatemala, and Chichen Itza across the Mexican border in the Yucatan?

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