You Will Fail!
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Lithography, invented in 1798, is a method of doing what?
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What country's revolution arguably began on July 12, 1789, when a lawyer, Camille Desmoulins, stood with a pistol on a table at the Caf? de Foy and shouted, "To arms citizens, to arms!"?
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During which War was 'The Siege of Charleston' fought in the 1770-1780s?
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The Sugar and Molasses Act of 1733 was designed to keep the Americans from drinking the French version of what drink, which was also widely available from England's own Caribbean possessions?
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What queen was called the Austrian Bitch, which may be why she was executed in 1793?
Question 6 of 10
Who first claimed Australia for Britain in 1770?
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Hating Moscow, Peter the Great built what new capital in 1703, on territory that had been Swedish Ingria until the Great Northern War?
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In 1762 Catherine the Great became czarina of which country?
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What nation did the United States gain independence from in 1776?
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What French King was beheaded by French revolutionaries in 1793?

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