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General Knowledge Sudden Death

Question 1 of 15
Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain at the beginning of World War II?
Question 2 of 15
What is a large area of level ground called?
Question 3 of 15
What is the name for a group that is registered to bargain for a group of employees?
Question 4 of 15
Where was the first Beatles appearance in America?
Question 5 of 15
What is the capital city of Mexico, and the largest city in North America by population?
Question 6 of 15
A warthog is what type of animal?
Question 7 of 15
Juan Carlos was declared King of which country in November 1975?
Question 8 of 15
What is 77 minus 12?
Question 9 of 15
What is 15% of 40?
Question 10 of 15
Vermont is a State in which country?
Question 11 of 15
Which of these was first sailed around by Willem Cornelisz Schouten?
Question 12 of 15
Biafra declared itself independent from which country in 1967?
Question 13 of 15
Who sang about a land "Down Under"?
Question 14 of 15
What band includes Roger Daltrey on vocals?
Question 15 of 15
What word, which means "sun-origin", do Japanese people call their country?

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