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On tight turns, a pilot may feel G force. By definition, what is this?
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Per the movies, what Asian assassins are omnipotent individually, but strangely inept in groups, where they are prone to attacking sole protagonists one by one?
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Bright to dark red skin is a feature of what fruit?
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Which cliffs form part of the British coastline facing the Strait of Dover?
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Like many American artists of his time, Edward Hopper wanted to study in what city?
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Nicknamed "Kotzebue National Forest," this tundra wilderness consists of exactly one tree. Where is it?
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On keyboards, what key allows you to switch from capital letters to lower-case letters?
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Click on the correct spelling of this commonly misspelled word?
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The Beatles had what hit single in 1966?
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Used to treat narcolepsy, Modafinil is an eugeroic that has attracted attention from the military and as a lifestyle drug. What does it do?

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