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Art Quiz

Question 1
Which art form is the reproduction of "Mona Lisa" adorned with a mustache an example of?
Question 2
What would you call an "inborn ability of significant quality for artistic or other achievement"?
Question 3
What is the unit of weight by which a gemstone is measured?
Question 4
What is the definition of the term "anatomy"?
Question 5
Which means a picture of a night scene?
Question 6
What is the name of a tall four-sided shaft of stone rising to a pyramid point?
Question 7
Which of the following is defined as a dramatic presentation by a visual artist before an audience?
Question 8
What is the study of design, organization, and management of collections called?
Question 9
What comes in a particular variety for left-handed people?
Question 10
Which Spanish artist painted "Persistence of Memory"?
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