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Movies Quiz

Question 1
The main character in "The Namesake" was named after which famous writer?
Question 2
The actress Dorothea Jordan was a mistress to which English King?
Question 3
Name the movie - A reporter for the New Republic gets caught making up stories and publishing them as if they were real.
Question 4
What film, directed by Iain Softley, included Peter Sarsgaard in the cast?
Question 5
In 2010, which airline removed film director Kevin Smith from a plane because he was too obese to fly?
Question 6
When was the movie Iron Man released?
Question 7
Bomb Voyage was a character in which animated film?
Question 8
What film garnered Mel Brooks an Academy Award?
Question 9
Who does Padme marry during "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones"?
Question 10
What is being made in the movie "The TV Set"?
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