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Jij denkt dat je slim bent?
Question 1
Who directed the music video for the DJ Khaled song 'I'm on One', which features Drake?
Question 2
What were medieval knights best known as?
Question 3
According to legend, the life of Archimedes had a rather bizarre ending. How did the great scientist die?
Question 4
Which NBA player's parents had to co-sign his first contract?
Question 5
What party did James Monroe represent?
Question 6
Which of these iconic hip hop albums sold the most copies?
Question 7
Which future president participated in the Battle of San Juan Hill in 1898?
Question 8
In which country are the highest waterfalls in the world?
Question 9
What country is basketball small forward Andres Nocioni originally from?
Question 10
Who released the best selling album 'Monkey Business' in 2005?

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