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Jij denkt dat je slim bent?
Question 1
Who released the world's first commercially available microprocessor in 1971?
Question 2
Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII, practiced what religion?
Question 3
What did the Manhattan Project develop in the 1940's?
Question 4
How long did Cincinnatus serve as Roman dictator in his first term?
Question 5
In which decade did the famous protest the 'Jarrow March' take place?
Question 6
Fulham is in which London postcode?
Question 7
Gabrillee had a 2000s number 1 with…?
Question 8
What course played host to the 2006 British Open?
Question 9
Which of the following Presidents died in the state of New Hampshire?
Question 10
In 2013, what world leader came under fire for spending $2,700 of taxpayer money on (presumably kosher) ice cream, and another $1,700 on scented candles?

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