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Extremely hard mixed knowledge quiz, how many did you answer correctly?
Question 1
In what year did James Monroe marry his wife Elizabeth?
Question 2
Which was the last barbarian group to come into the central valley of Mexico around 1325?
Question 3
What year was James A. Garfield elected to the Ohio Senate as a Republican?
Question 4
What historical event happened first?
Question 5
What technology by Qualcomm allows users to power multiple devices simultaneously within a single charge area?
Question 6
The actress Dorothea Jordan was a mistress to which English King?
Question 7
How many different countries won medals at the World Cyber Games in 2004?
Question 8
During the Crimean War, which of these men was a Commander at the 1854 'Battle of The Alma'?
Question 9
What is the name of an Italian F1 racer named after Finnish motorcycle champion Jarno Saarinen?
Question 10
What launched in 1981 with the words "Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll"?

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