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Extremely Hard Science Quiz Even Einstein would scratch his head! Click to Enter The Pit
Question 1
What is the scientific name for the 'Mountain Gorilla'?
Question 2
What is the cube root of one million?
Question 3
Do spider have muscles?
Question 4
In around 1925, a Hungarian physician named Albert Szent-Gyorgyi identified Vitamin C. Naturally, as a Hungarian, where did he find it?
Question 5
Supposedly, this effect is responsible for the direction in which your toilet flushes. Instead, it's responsible for the direction hurricanes spin. What is it?
Question 6
In what year was the first Chinese manned spacecraft (Shenzhou 5) launched?
Question 7
Bromeliads retain water. Which of these is the fruit of the ananas comosus?
Question 8
Hurricane Camille devastated the U.S. in which year?
Question 9
On average, how long does a giraffe sleep each day?
Question 10
What space shuttle broke up over Texas in 2003?

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