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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?
Question 1
Which city's child were Simple Minds singing about in their biggest chart success of the '80s?
Question 2
Who won the Best Rap Solo Performance Grammy in 1996 for "Gangsta's Paradise"?
Question 3
Makes no difference who you are is the second line in what song?
Question 4
In music, how many quavers are there in a semibreve?
Question 5
For what purpose was the band Nos Toffaha founded?
Question 6
One More Night is a 2013 song released by which artist?
Question 7
What song has the line, "Oh let our love survive, or dry the tears from your eyes"?
Question 8
In 2004, which artist released the single 'Lola's Theme'?
Question 9
What famous quintet made the number-one hit single 'I'll Be There'?
Question 10
The rapper Jay-Z does not feature on which of these No. 1 singles?

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