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Do you know the answer to question 9?

Question 1
Which animal is a small seabird from the Pacific Northwest of North America?
Question 2
Chosen from Britain's armed forces, what guardians of the Crown Jewels will sometime act as royal bodyguards?
Question 3
Toto, Dorothy has got a feeling we're not in what state anymore?
Question 4
Abbreviated as Hg, what element was called hydrargyrum, meaning "liquid silver"?
Question 5
Torald Sollmann tried to find an antidote to what horrific gas ... by spraying himself with it?
Question 6
The image you have of this bird is probably the bronze variety, which since the 1960s have been displaced on our Thanksgiving plates. What is it?
Question 7
Beware the ides of March was a warning famously ignored by who?
Question 8
In which century was the American-born actress and singer Josephine Baker born?
Question 9
Who was Vladimir Lenin?
Question 10
What is the piece of metal on a bridle that goes into the horse's mouth?
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