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1950s Quiz

Question 1
Which screen idol died in 1955, having only starred in three films?
Question 2
What Hollywood star said that, while at a celebrity golf tournament held in Havana in 1959, he escaped the Cuban rebels who surrounded him by letting loose with his Tarzan yell?
Question 3
Who or what is The African Queen, for which a 1951 movie is named?
Question 4
In 1957, Satchmo played before 100,000 people in Ghana. Who is Satchmo?
Question 5
Which of these was not one of the Kingston Trio back in Palo Alto in 1957, but was the name of their first hit?
Question 6
Jerry Lewis and which crooner were a huge movie duo in the 1950s?
Question 7
What song did Bill Haley squeeze out in two takes at Decca in 1954, so that Sammy Davis Jr could have the studio?
Question 8
Who seemed to have lifted the melody and many of the lyrics from Gordon Jenkins's 1953 song Crescent City Blues for Folsom Prison Blues?
Question 9
Which President married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in 1953?
Question 10
What was the name of the Soviet satellite launched on October 4, 1957?
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