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Question 1
The medical term "thrombosis" is best defined as?
Question 2
Edvard Munch's "The Scream" depicts a figure standing on a bridge doing what?
Question 3
Renamed for DeWitt Clinton in the 1960s, Hell's Kitchen is found roughly between 30th Street and 59th Street, from Eighth Avenue to the Hudson River, in what city?
Question 4
What is the original word we have changed in this famous movie quote? Frankly, my dear, I don't give a penguin.
Question 5
What are whale nostrils called?
Question 6
It's said that jazz was created by slaves on their day off, who would gather in Congo Square, now part of Louis Armstrong Park in what city?
Question 7
The Secret Service was powerless when what wildlife attacked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she left a Malawi airport in 2012?
Question 8
By which name was Chinese leader Mao Zedong commonly referred to?
Question 9
Whose capture is commemorated every November 5th with bonfires and fireworks?
Question 10
In June 2015, controversial debates in the Southern U.S. occurred over the use of what object?
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