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Question 1
Which of these continent - country - capital groups is correct?
Question 2
What two countries fought over the Falkland Islands in 1982?
Question 3
The sovereignty of which city was established by 1929's Lateran Treaty?
Question 4
What part of a plant produces seeds?
Question 5
If there is more supply than demand, what will happen to the price of a good?
Question 6
Which country was suspended from the G8 in 2014?
Question 7
Which Eastern European country was gripped by a revolution in February 2014?
Question 8
What disease swept through London, closing down all playhouses from 1592 to 1594?
Question 9
What song tells us that "She was just 17, you know what I mean"?
Question 10
In what language was the song "99 Luftballons" originally recorded?
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