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Question 1
What country slightly less than three-tenths the size of the U.S. uses peso as its currency?
Question 2
What is an animal with a backbone called?
Question 3
Which scientific term means "a small body of water"?
Question 4
What is the periodic rise and fall in the ocean's water level called?
Question 5
Which company would you use if you needed a package shipped?
Question 6
I had my hand cut off and found out Darth Vader was my father in the same movie scene. Who am I?
Question 7
What gas makes soda bubbly?
Question 8
What do you call a type of transaction where one item is exchanged for another?
Question 9
What large bodies of water contain almost 97% of the world's water?
Question 10
Which French Queen was executed during the French Revolution?
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