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Question 1
Which country's highest elevation point is Mount Berongou, at 903 meters, and is located in Africa?
Question 2
In 1949 what country did Mao Zedong have a Communist victory?
Question 3
A version of which Edvard Munch painting sold for $120 million in 2012?
Question 4
Which one of these fruits contains a pit?
Question 5
Which one of the following means "a place for instruction"?
Question 6
What is the official language of France?
Question 7
What was the title for the emperor of Russia from 1546 until 1721 but remained in common use until 1917?
Question 8
What famous fairy tale writer was German?
Question 9
Which country became the first in the world to fully legalize euthanasia in 2014?
Question 10
The first Woodstock Festival took place in which decade?
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