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All woman keep failing question 6

Question 1
A person with diabetes produces an insufficient amount of what in the body?
Question 2
The country Columbia was named for what famous explorer?
Question 3
Where did the U.S. take Taliban and Al-Queda prisoners to in 2002?
Question 4
Which invention came first?
Question 5
Purple jelly, jam and popsicles are all made from which fruit?
Question 6
What is a hologram?
Question 7
What is the correct name for a product one country sends to another country to be sold?
Question 8
In which country would you say "Auf Wiedersehen" to say "good-bye"?
Question 9
"Ringing up" someone in London requires the use of what?
Question 10
Which country annexed the Crimean peninsula in 2014?
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