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Various subjects Quiz

Question 1
An immigrant is someone who did what?
Question 2
Egyptian tombs were burial sites for whom?
Question 3
Which famous cereal is "Tony the Tiger" a mascot for?
Question 4
After Mormons abandoned polygamy in 1890, what state was finally added to the Union?
Question 5
When you see weather reports on TV, you'll notice lines drawn around those Hs and the Ls. Indicating areas of similar air pressure, what are those lines called?
Question 6
Maraschino is a variety of what fruit, typically the Royal Ann, which has been marinated in green or red food coloring?
Question 7
Apart from the toga, what was the main article of Roman fashion?
Question 8
What was the name of Franklin Pierce's father?
Question 9
In what battle did General Custer's army fight against Crazy Horse?
Question 10
Boiling ground or chopped cereal with milk or water makes what?
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