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Question 1
What is the surface quality or "feel" of an object, it's smoothness, roughness, softness, etc. called?
Question 2
If I ordered neapolitan ice cream from an actual Neapolitan, I'd get some chocolate, vanilla and strawberry in what country?
Question 3
Better known for playing Steve McGarrett on Hawaii 5-0, who played Felix Leiter in the Bond movie Dr No?
Question 4
P stands for "Pirates" and it was also the alt rock band that included what star of a pirate movie?
Question 5
Thanks to the then-new concept of refrigeration, who enjoyed a leg of lamb that had been sent to England from Australia in 1879?
Question 6
In 2013, which leaders uncle came to a sticky end?
Question 7
What was President Grant's first name?
Question 8
Who invented the first powered, controlled airplane in 1903?
Question 9
What were medieval knights best known as?
Question 10
Which of these terms refers to "peace in one's own nation"?
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