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Almost nobody can score a 6 or better in this Movie Trivia

Question 1
What movie is about the internet's most controversial news entity?
Question 2
What TV series did Jim Parsons star in before landing the lead role in "Home"?
Question 3
As portrayed by Robert De Niro in a Martin Scorsese movie, who was Jake LaMotta?
Question 4
Which of these actress was named for the character that Julie Christie played in "Dr. Zhivago"?
Question 5
By the late 80s and early 90s, it was hard to keep your erotic thrillers straight. For example, was Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct or in Fatal Attraction?
Question 6
In the bio-pic of his life, whose assassination was filmed at Birla House, where it actually occurred?
Question 7
Two Port Authority cops, John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno, cameo in what movie, in which they are played by Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena?
Question 8
In what horror series does Ash lose a hand but gain a chainsaw?
Question 9
What fictional movie producer, played by Steve Martin, covertly films superstar Kit Ramsey so that he "stars" in Chubby Rain, a film about aliens who come down in raindrops?
Question 10
What 2001 movie added a subtitle after test audiences thought the film was about a steak sauce?
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