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Are you worthy of the respect?

Question 1
My mom was a cougar. No, really. Not the younger-man-chasing kind, an actual feline. What was I?
Question 2
What woman's name is also the name of an evergreen shrub with purple, bell-shaped flowers?
Question 3
What is torsion?
Question 4
Depending on the species, males of the Cervidae family can be called stags, harts, bucks or bulls, while females can be hinds, does or cows. What are they?
Question 5
The world's most common fox species has spread rapidly since it was introduced to Australia in the 1800s. What is it?
Question 6
On account of an eerie sound it makes, what is another common name for the spotted hyena?
Question 7
General Creighton Abrams and General William Sherman both have what military item named for them?
Question 8
Corneal topography, also known as videokeratography, is a medical imaging technique to map what body part?
Question 9
The positive terminal is a copper anode with a high voltage and the negative terminal is an iron anode with a low voltage. What is this?
Question 10
In 1834, what tree's leaf became the official emblem of the St Jean Baptiste Society, now dedicated to Quebec independence instead of Canadian nationalism?
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