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You will most definitely fail at this movie quiz

Question 1
Which Hollywood couple shared a birthday on September 25, although 25 years apart?
Question 2
What talk-show host (and fan of author Alice Walker's) was nominated for an Academy Award for the movie version of "The Color Purple"?
Question 3
George Raft rejected roles in High Sierra, Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon, all of which made what other actor famous?
Question 4
Which of these characters has appeared in the most movies?
Question 5
Shelly Winters played the heavyset former swimmer, while Gene Hackman was the apostate reverend. In what disaster movie?
Question 6
Marilyn Novak had to change her name, as there was already a blonde Marilyn in Hollywood. Who did she become?
Question 7
What Oscar winner is naked in Little Children, Jude, Hamlet, Titanic, Hideous Kinky, Holy Smoke, Quills, Iris, Little Children and The Reader?
Question 8
What director got his middle name, both from the car company that sponsored his dad's radio show and from the man for whom the hospital in which he was born was named?
Question 9
Per the Seth McFarlane movie, a wish comes true and what teddy bear of Mark Wahlberg's gets to talk?
Question 10
Naturally, the Monroeville Mall in Pittsburgh set a Guinness World Record for a zombie walk, since the mall was the main setting for what famous zombie movie?
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