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Are you 50 years or older?

Question 1
Which species can be described as a water bird?
Question 2
Pregnancy in humans lasts how many days?
Question 3
In photography, which term refers to rotating a camera up or down?
Question 4
What causes earthquakes?
Question 5
What semi-precious stone did the Chinese associate with so many human virtues that they carved it for ritual and decorative purposes?
Question 6
The Tiffany Yellow Diamond has only been worn by two people. Who wore it in 1961, to promote her new film Breakfast at Tiffany's?
Question 7
Gingivitis is minor but can lead to the more serious periodontitis, affecting what body part?
Question 8
Osgood-Schlatter disease causes swelling just below what joint when you have growth spurts?
Question 9
You usually use your diaphragm for breathing, but what sound do you make it when it experiences a sudden involuntary contraction?
Question 10
The Von Trapp family built a ski lodge in Stowe, Vermont, after the events that inspired what musical?
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