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You think you're intelligent enough for this crazy Geography Quiz ?

Question 1
Wile E Coyote ought to watch his step in New Mexico. What is the state bird there?
Question 2
A 1999 US stamp misplaced the Grand Canyon in Colorado. Do you know where it really is?
Question 3
Kolkata used to be called Calcutta. Where is it?
Question 4
They call themselves Hellenes. What do we call them?
Question 5
The old Sands Hotel in Vegas was dynamited and replaced by what city-themed hotel, which comes with its own gondolas?
Question 6
After swimming at Bondi Beach, I went to see the nearby rock engravings, then saw an opera in that famous building on Bennelong Point. Where am I?
Question 7
What was the name of Bartholomew Gosnold's daughter, as anyone who summers off Massachusetts at a "vineyard" might guess?
Question 8
What city's Potsdamer Platz was destroyed in WWII, paralyzed by a wall, but is now rebuilt with a signature building by Renzo Piano?
Question 9
What river literally becomes the Big Muddy after it collides with the Missouri near St Louis?
Question 10
What did British Labour MP Austin Mitchell officially change his name to, in honor of National Seafood Week?
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