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Question 1
What type of brandy is usually included in recipes for lobster bisque?
Question 2
Which word is spelled wrong?
Question 3
Which area of the body has the largest bone?
Question 4
What food was covered in chocolate and introduced at the Minnesota State Fair as pig lickers?
Question 5
In what movie does Hannibal say, "Good evening, Clarice," but never, "Hello, Clarice"?
Question 6
What musical was banned in Thailand, where it is considered an insult to the memory of King Mongkut?
Question 7
A consumer is a person who does what with a product?
Question 8
Which newly-opened landmark did President Theodore Roosevelt sail to in 1906?
Question 9
In Saudi Arabia, women are banned from what car-related activity?
Question 10
How many days of Christmas are there?
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