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Question 1
Despite the famous 1980s ad campaign, what meat is not in fact a white meat, let alone "the other white meat," according to the USDA?
Question 2
What "Spanish" disease killed 30 million people, more people after WWI than WWI itself did?
Question 3
In what state are the indigenous Polynesians barely 10% of the population, while Asians, particularly Japanese, are the largest ethnic group?
Question 4
Best known for being killed by Charles Manson, Sharon Tate was married to which director?
Question 5
What character's size 6B ruby slippers sold for $165,000 at auction in June 1988?
Question 6
What body parts are sometimes referred to as "chompers"?
Question 7
What animal builds dams because it uses ponds to preserve food?
Question 8
By what name is the bay lynx usually known?
Question 9
Victor Willis got in serious trouble with the law over drug and gun charges. Ironically, what persona did he adopt as one of the Village People?
Question 10
My career tanked after Jim Steinman stopped co-writing my songs, but soared when he came back for "I'd Do Anything for Love." Who am I?
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