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Can you beat the average American in this quiz?

Question 1
The medical term "prognosis" is best defined as?
Question 2
What condition do you have when you have decreased red blood cells or low red blood cell count?
Question 3
What is the outermost covering of trees and some plants called?
Question 4
What system helps animals exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen?
Question 5
Which company would you use if you needed a package shipped?
Question 6
What do city trucks spread on roads to melt ice?
Question 7
In what setting would you find a French "professeur" and their "etudiantes"?
Question 8
What is the world's highest mountain?
Question 9
In which nation was the Trans-Siberian Railway completed in 1904?
Question 10
In 2013, the Falkland Islands voted to remain as part of what nation?
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