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Can you handle this Geography quiz?

Question 1
Which continent includes Cambodia?
Question 2
The name of what PT Anderson movie is the name of a flower associated with Mississippi?
Question 3
Called America's Rhine, what river flows past West Point and separates Manhattan from New Jersey?
Question 4
The rain in what country does not, in fact, fall mainly on a plain, but actually falls mostly on a hilly corner in the northwest called Galicia?
Question 5
The 1046-ft art deco Chrysler Building was the world's tallest building for 11 months until the 1479-ft Empire State went up in 1931. Where are they?
Question 6
East Harlem was once known as Italian Harlem. But as Ben E King knows, what other name does it have now?
Question 7
Tivoli Gardens is across Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard from Town Hall Square in what city?
Question 8
A Bruxellois is somebody from the capital of what European country?
Question 9
Alcatraz was a prison on an island with a nice view of a major US city. What bay is the Rock in?
Question 10
Mozambique is the only UN member whose English name contains all five vowels. Where is it?
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