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Is your IQ high enough?

Question 1
If you go to a Delhi deli and get Delhi belly from the dhuli dals you order, what country are you in?
Question 2
To raise money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which battles AIDS, what Ben & Jerry flavor was inspired by a Queen song?
Question 3
EuroDisney is found at Marne-la-Vallee in what country?
Question 4
Of the many people who have played him, who won an Oscar for playing King Mongkut?
Question 5
What does a dyslexic have trouble doing?
Question 6
Something in the wild that is laniferous will offer you what crimped, scaled item, ideal for pulling over your gullible eyes?
Question 7
What is the name of the 2000-year-old elliptical amphitheatre that is located in the middle of Rome?
Question 8
Which of the following Presidents was born in Georgia?
Question 9
Which exiled Tibetan leader did Barack Obama meet with in 2014?
Question 10
I attend Hogwart's School where I play Quidditch and my spoiled cousin is named Dudley, who am I?
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